Civil Products

AYMROO has a wide range of products developed especially for the Civil market.

Step Irons

AYMROO founder Colin Leaves designed our original step irons about 20 years ago, and we have developed them as required, and we still manufacture them today for use in every kind of shaft in sewer and drainage manholes or pits, and any other situation where safe, highly visible and reliable step access is needed.

Our step irons are manufactured from high strength steel bar and are fully encapsulated in tough yellow polypropylene for visibilty underground. There are no sharp edges or corners and the 25mm sides stop feet from slipping off.

AYMROO step irons are resistant to corrosion from acids, alkalis and chemicals.  Load strength is greater than 4kN and they have a pull-out strength of 5kN. They can be set into pre-cast structures during concrete pour, caulked into a drilled hole with epoxy resin or quick setting cement, or fitted into Aymroo polypropylene inserts; no epoxy is required.