About Us

Aymroo has been manufacturing PVC plumbing fittings in Australia, for the commercial and domestic markets, for over 20 years. From standard fabricated and moulded products to seemingly impossible one-off solutions, we’ve got it covered.

Since beginning operation Aymroo has been a key player in introducing new plumbing fittings to Australia and markets where AS/NZS Standards plumbing fittings and pipe are used, such as the PVC Maintenance Shaft System and plastic-encapsulated Step Irons.

As an ISO Quality Management System accredited and AS/NZS standards certified company, the quality of our products is always guaranteed.
Knowing that plumbers often require a fitting yesterday, we stock the most comprehensive range of large bore moulded and fabricated PVC plumbing fittings for immediate dispatch.

To further meet market needs, new and improved products are continually in development. In fact, it was in response to customer feedback that we decided to extend our range of fabricated fittings to include higher-quality moulded fittings.

Our Watermark-approved moulded Drain, Waste and Vent (DWV) fittings are not only stronger and completely uniform, but also better looking - an important factor in applications such as aerial drainage. They are the highest-quality DWV fittings available on the market.

If you can imagine it, we can make it! We’ve lost count of the times someone has searched high and low for a fitting that no other business will attempt to manufacture, only to find that Aymroo can make it in a matter of days. It is this flexibility that has made Aymroo the first point of contact for many customers looking for a particular product.